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Sam creates his art business with NEIS
The chance to turn his artistic passions into a career led Sam Brooks to the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). Now his artwork has national reach.
Published Date: 26/09/2019
How to start your career with a photography course
Jaiden Frangou-Mayer enrolled with us to develop her photography skills and build a portfolio. One of her pictures – Citrus Balloons – is now on the cover of our 2020 course guide.
Published Date: 1/07/2019
What careers are available with a nursing course?
You might think that there is only one type of nurse – the kind you see in your local hospital. However, a nursing career is in fact much broader and can present you with many exciting job paths.
Published Date: 25/06/2019
How to create award-winning landscape designs
Diploma of Landscape Design learner Katie Westle used her creativity to win gold for Achievable Gardens at the 2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.
Published Date: 24/05/2019
How to grow your radio career during your course
Lisa Fremder gained work experience with KIIS FM, 88.3 Southern FM, Channel 31, and at events such as the Brownlow Medal, during her Diploma of Screen and Media course.
Published Date: 24/05/2019
How a certificate II course can help with your DIY goals
Hands-on skills are useful with everyday tasks. They’re life skills that you can apply in a variety of situations. Our building and construction courses cover a range of study areas and qualification types.
Published Date: 17/05/2019
From the workshop to Melbourne Fashion Week
Joan – along with some of her classmates – featured at Melbourne Fashion Week. The event gave her the opportunity to engage with her future career.
Published Date: 4/10/2018
Why study cyber security?
Cyber security represents a new horizon for aspiring IT professionals. Sound like you? Let’s have a look at how you can get started.
Published Date: 26/09/2018
English Plus launched
The program draws on the teaching models of international markets, including Japan, Thailand and Brazil, and will offer dedicated English language training.
Published Date: 18/09/2018
Metrohub to provide new job and training opportunities for Victoria
The new hub is a partnership between Cross Yarra Partnership, a consortium led by Lendlease, John Holland and Bouygues Construction, and Holmesglen, which will see workers on the tunnels and stations package receive professional development opportunities on-campus.
Published Date: 18/09/2018
Tunnelling centre to train thousands of local workers
A new $16 million Victorian Tunnelling Training Centre at Holmesglen’s Chadstone campus will include a replica tunnel with a full-height entrance, three multi-purpose engineering workrooms and training facilities including tunnel shaft and concrete lining spray simulators, as well as virtual reality experiences.
Published Date: 6/09/2018
Holmesglen partners with St Kilda Football Club
The Saints will create internship and work experience opportunities for students while Holmesglen will also provide St Kilda Football Club players, staff and members with education and training opportunities.
Published Date: 7/08/2018
Help for a good cause
Community spirit was apparent when Holmesglen visited not-for-profit food organisation, FareShare – donating money to help disadvantaged people.
Published Date: 24/07/2018
Australia's pie master
Chan’s creations hold the title of Australia’s Best Pie, following a Baking Association of Australia ceremony held on the Gold Coast.
Published Date: 17/07/2018
Students learn from best at Ben Shewry Masterclass
Executive chef at multi-award winning restaurant Attica (awarded best restaurant in Australasia, San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurants, 2014), Ben’s personable and inspiring approach was apparent as he shared industry tips and prepared three respective meals.
Published Date: 28/06/2018
How to get started in graphic design
"It’s a broad introduction into the world of design that caters to artists with a blank canvas of industry knowledge, who are trying to find their way."
Published Date: 28/06/2018
Advice on starting your small business
To achieve her business goal, Gemma found NEIS. The enterprise scheme was the support network that helped her get her business started.
Published Date: 26/06/2018
How to go from business student to senior administration officer
A Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Professional Accounting graduate, Sunitha works as the Senior Administrative Officer within the Holmesglen Nursing Department. Her daily roles involve helping with everything from student placements to requisition and invoicing.
Published Date: 25/06/2018
From fitness graduate to business owner
Shane is the owner of Coaching Zone Ferntree Gully, a new high-tech small group training space helping the local community improve their health and wellbeing.
Published Date: 25/06/2018
International students compete at 2018 University/TAFE Cup
Students from Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Pakistan, from study areas including accounting, building and construction, hospitality, nursing and the Language Centre, made up the two teams throughout the competition.
Published Date: 25/06/2018
How to create animated short films
Hannah Rosie has gone from the classroom to the Melbourne Animation Film Festival. Learn how she is exploring her animation craft.
Published Date: 15/06/2018
Fives Tips To Maximise Your Study
We know studying is a process. But, sometimes the how is just as important as the why. Learn how to make the most of your study time with these simple tips.
Published Date: 15/06/2018
Donut give up on your dreams
Morgan’s business, Bistro Morgan, is the pride of Windsor’s High Street. It has seen him go from aspiring chef to budding entrepreneur before even finishing his secondary studies.
Published Date: 1/06/2018
Effort and experience
Kate found her passion in sports media through a range of internship opportunities.
Published Date: 30/05/2018
A shared aspiration
Two sports media students used their Fox Footy internships as their entry to the industry.
Published Date: 30/05/2018
Students help on peninsula restoration work
Horticulture and environment students have volunteered on a range of tasks across the Mornington Peninsula, which includes restoration work in Main Ridge.
Published Date: 18/05/2018
Advice For Those Considering A Study Change
If you're not happy with what you're doing, chances are the effort will always lack. That's why it's important to discover something that you enjoy and then find a study option that will match.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Holmesglen Teacher Wins Victorian Training Award
"I love what I do and it makes the job easy in a lot of respects. In saying that, it's great to get recognition for my efforts. It makes me want to keep looking for ways to make the student experience a great one while they are here at Holmesglen."
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Holmesglen Outlines South East Water Project
The project has positive and potentially crucial associations for the plumbing and water industry, while marking Holmesglen's commitment to undertaking new learning opportunities.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Turning Inspirations Into Reality
"There's a great collaboration and dialogue between all of us, which I find to be a big source of inspiration.  It's really helpful to bounce ideas off one another."
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Helping Guide Our Apprentices
Neil found his calling in motor trimming at a young age and has since devoted himself to preparing apprentices to work confidently in the industry.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
The Big Screen Pursuit
Encouraged by the recognition of his fellow Holmesglen peers, namely Jay Perry who won Best Short Film ('Obsolete') at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival in the US, Rhys is attempting to reach similar heights.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Approaching The End Of Your Course...What Next?
To accomplish anything in life, you have to be proactive and positive. We look at tips and advice to keep in mind as you prepare to finish your course and chase your dream career.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Ambition Abroad
Hayley Vandenberg-Pitt and Ernest Schultheis have seen their respective aspirations take them abroad, as both students finished work experience internationally.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Ryan's Defining Point
As goalkeeper for an NPL Top Division soccer side, Bentleigh Greens, Ryan understands the appeal and potential of the field, but also what it means to work hard.
Published Date: 2/05/2018
Leaving A Mark Across The Airwaves
Breakfast Producer for smoothfm's More Music Breakfast Show, Lauren believes good radio is about two things "mood" and "heart."
Published Date: 27/04/2018
Holmesglen Events Program Wins National Award
"We're getting a lot of companies come to us now because of the level that our students are getting to. They're asking for interns and people to work."
Published Date: 26/04/2018
Tips On Entering The Human Resources Industry
One of our graduates, Stephanie Ratnam, used her studies to achieve her career goals. She now works as a Human Resources Projects Manager with the Institute. 
Published Date: 23/04/2018
A Teacher’s Insights Into Patisserie
Guido has used his two-and-a-half years at Holmesglen to help students explore their ambitions and interests. While it's about introducing them to the realities of work, it's also about doing it with care and purpose.
Published Date: 23/04/2018
Gaining Life Experiences Through Study
"My five-year goal has been to work at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. I still maintain a daily countdown on my desk at home."
Published Date: 23/04/2018
Developing In Demand Professionals
They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Today, it is a value as widespread as it is reflected in a tourism industry that is seeing significant growth.
Published Date: 23/04/2018
Events Students Working For A Good Cause
The event is supported by Able Australia and provides an opportunity for emerging musicians and comedians to showcase their skills. Ticket sales and proceeds will go towards assisting the not-for-profit organisation.
Published Date: 23/04/2018
Beyond the Standard Design
Furniture student Carolina Trombelli is reflective of our 'learn more, do more' ethos. Adopting a keen approach to her study and practical pursuits.
Published Date: 23/04/2018
Coaching For Change 2017 – A Student’s Tale
On 31 October 2017, students who are studying the Diploma of Sport Development at Holmesglen were given the chance to travel to Lake Eildon on a four-day trip, and run sports coaching sessions.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
From Holmesglen To Disney World
The hospitality alumna, as part of the Disney Australia & New Zealand Cultural Exchange Program, will travel to Orlando to work within the iconic organisation's merchandise department.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
Finding The Right Opportunity
In order to give students the best chance to succeed, the events courses combine hands on experience with the necessary study.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
A Student's Guide To Entering The Business Field
Growing your career is as much about taking your opportunities as it is an ongoing learning experience. Business degree student, Jayden Savannah is a product of this belief.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
From The Apple Isle To Holmesglen
Joshua's devotion to his craft saw him travel regularly from Tasmania to Melbourne, to complete his training at Holmesglen.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
Achievement From Hard Work
Greg's achievements are a source of motivation for aspiring upholsterers. He was named Holmesglen's Outstanding Apprentice at the 2017 Awards Dinner.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
FEATURE: Five Tips For Aspiring Event Planners
Our events department looks at the tips and considerations (as well as, potential pitfalls) to recognise before preparing your next event, so your occasion doesn't end up becoming the next 'what-not-to-do'.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
Entering The Field With Passion and Perspective
Upon the decision to chase her oral health aspirations, Lauren made the switch from Albury's country lifestyle to the city, enrolling in a Charles Sturt University course, which was delivered at Holmesglen.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
An Insight Into A Career Change
To support her goals, Reioni made the decision to trade her role as a stewardess on super yachts for a career in the workshop.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
A Passion For Learning
Early childhood education is the starting point to a lifelong experience with learning. Therefore, the role of the teacher becomes a crucial part in a child's development.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
Creating Memorable Events & Experiences
"The day I looked into [Holmesglen's events course], there was an Open Day running that evening. I attended, was amazed at what I could get out of it and signed up that night."
Published Date: 16/04/2018
A Slam Dunk Effort
VCAL students have stepped on to the hardwood, showing their initiative and selfless qualities during a successful fundraising event.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
A Look Into Battery Technologies And Training
Holmesglen's work with battery technologies, coupled with the recently opened Moorabbin campus Renewable Energy Centre, sees students learning against this backdrop of innovation.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
Chasing Dreams In The City That Never Sleeps
Having moved from Mackay to Melbourne at the age of 17, Kate identified her fashion goal early on and then made the necessary decisions that would turn a desire into achievement.
Published Date: 16/04/2018
A Look Into The Role Of An Executive Producer
"Holmesglen was the first educational step into my broadcasting career. At the time, I wasn't sure if TV or radio was the right fit for me, so the broadcasting course gave me ample opportunities to get a feel for both and decide that radio was the correct path to follow."
Published Date: 16/04/2018
Holmesglen’s Futuretech Honoured With Australian Training Award
Holmesglen's industry collaboration was recognised with Futuretech, a partnership with the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) Victorian branch that sees electrical professionals' upskilled in a new $3 million training facility at the ETU headquarters in North Melbourne.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Holmesglen Students Experience V8 Supercar Excursion
Students visited the headquarters of Garry Rogers Motorsport, where they were treated to a comprehensive tour of the facilities. They were shown vehicle construction, engineering, chassis metal fabrication, composites manufacturing, and wheels and tyres.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Designing For Success
Interior Design student Alexandra Legg has turned her drive into success, winning a regarded student interior design people's choice award.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Creating The Path Ahead
For Alison Hayes, Holmesglen will always hold a special place, as it was here that the path ahead of her became clear.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
A Positive Return To Study
For oral health student Chloe Stevens, moving back into study from work life was a significant decision. It's a choice, though, she is happy she made.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Ten Tales To Inspire Travel and Tourism Students
As a travel and tourism professional, you know that each day you're responsible with providing new experiences and lifelong memories to your customers and clients. 
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Creating Your Study Pathway
For travel and tourism student Sarah Gillies, the VET Delivered to Secondary Students program represented the meeting point between her career aspirations and a desire to continue her education.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Melbourne Fashion Week Inspiration Guide
Our third year Bachelor of Fashion Design students are ready to bring their creative passions and sparks to the catwalk at Melbourne Fashion Week.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
How To Bring Designs To Life
Kevin is following a study pathway into the Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics. Kevin is using these courses as a stepping-stone to realising his career goals.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Opportunities And Success
Panhavuth Kret is turning his designs into successes following a series of competition wins.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Study Tales From An Aspiring Graphic Designer
The future is always at its brightest when you're chasing your own goals, and Samuel's inspiration came at the start of the year when he decided to follow his study pathway.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
From Design To Reality
For Chris Thomas, the opportunity to put determination into practice has been a hallmark of his time at Holmesglen. 
Published Date: 13/04/2018
For The Love Of Helping Others
Currently in Australia, the demand is high for allied health assistance. With over 90,000 allied health professionals working across a range of healthcare professions – including physiotherapy, rehabilitation and speech pathology – 20% of the industry is comprised of these workers.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Apprentice Pastry Chef Wins Award
Esra Kullu sees a meal as much more than the sum of its ingredients. As an apprentice, she believes each new plate is an opportunity to learn.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Inspiration, Design And The Creative Spark
Holmesglen landscape design trio, Ben Griek, Charles Leadbetter and Sagi Maor are at their happiest when they're allowed to explore their inspirations.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
From Student To Teacher
"We want children to learn how to learn. All of them have a spark. In early childhood, we want them to go into school with a love of learning."
Published Date: 13/04/2018
A Commitment To Future Learning
The Bruce Mackenzie Fellowship is one of Holmesglen's commitments to increasing learning potential in the field.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Design And Creation
"We have a quality course with a quality outcome. This is an industry of passion."
Published Date: 13/04/2018
FEATURE: Five Tips For An Aspiring Trade Worker
The role of a trade worker is an essential part of any industry landscape. Always in-demand, the opportunities available are as diverse as they are important.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
From Student To Professional
Having started his professional building design and development consulting company – Cramer Design – almost 16 years ago, Dan has since created a local business that works prominently within the residential and commercial fields.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
Five reasons to consider studying VCAL
The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning is an alternative to secondary school, which provides a more individualised and engaged study option for students who are looking for a change of pace to their regular schooling.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
More Than A Qualification
"The most fulfilling part is that you are with the students' through their journey."
Published Date: 13/04/2018
CELTA Testimonial: Wendy
After completing her CELTA course, Wendy went on to work successfully in Hong Kong.
Published Date: 13/04/2018
An Insight Into Printing
"Print is one of the communicative media channels that permeates our whole environment and, like many industries, is adaptive to the impact of digital technologies. The Australian print industry has been an amazing absorber of digital technology."
Published Date: 12/04/2018

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